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"The book which proved that...PROSPERITY IS



-A proof based on 25 Biblical Evidence

"Though he was rich [on earth], yet for your sakes he became poor [on the Cross], so that you... might become rich." -(2 Corinthians 8:9)

JESUS, who lived a rich life on earth...
-->Who was born in a manger, not because of poverty but because no room was available.
-->Who wore swaddling clothes, not because He was poor but because of the culture.
-->Who rode on a donkey, which was the equivalent of a car for His times.
-->Who borrowed boats because He was a preacher instead of a fisherman who would own boats.
-->Who lived in a big house and not under the trees.
-->Who said He had no place to lay His head because the Samaritans didn't allow Him to stay.
-->Who had the ability to take any sum of money He needed out of the mouths of fish.
-->Who had enough money to maintain a team of almost a hundred people.
-->Who traveled with a money bag, but not a wallet.
-->Who practiced helping the poor financially, as He had much more than what He needed.
-->Who was placed in the rich category by the people, and
-->Who placed Himself in the rich category.

...was misunderstood and believed as poor for decades.

This book, which contains 25 Evidence (10 cleared misconceptions and 15 additional truths) from the Bible, removes all doubts about the wealth of Jesus and gives an iron-clad proof that 'while on earth, Jesus was not poor.'

In addition to this, this book also clears up the 'commonly misunderstood scriptures about wealth,' and proves 'prosperity is God's will,' while explaining 'the purpose of prosperity.'

Sure enough, this book is an eye-opener for each and every believer, so that they can come out of wrong beliefs, be blessed, and be a blessing for others too.

( Tentative date for free release 1-DEC-2014)